All-in-one homeschool group management software.

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Everything you need for easy group management.

Improve your online presence.

Chromatical Homeschool includes a customizable website. You can create, edit, and delete pages as easily as editing documents on your computer.

Manage member accounts.

With just a few clicks you can add or remove members from your group, track and update member information, and electronically sign agreements. Managing your members has never been so easy.

Your member directory, generated automatically.

A member directory should never be outdated, and with Chromatical Homeschool, it never is. The online member directory is automatically populated with member account information. Members can update their information as well, ensuring an easy and accurate directory.

Automate member fees.

Elegantly create member fees and fee schedules that are automatically applied to member accounts. Forget clunky subscription solutions and error prone spreadsheets.

Simplify online payments.

Stripe integration allows your members to pay for fees online using a simple, secure, and fully PCI compliant payment form. No PayPal buttons or coding required, and your members never leave their account page.
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Track payments easily.

Creat custom charges, track who has paid, and refund members instantly.

Create class catalogs.

Creating class catalogs has never been easier. Just fill out a simple form and the class automatically goes live on your website. Members can even submit class applications themselves, so all you need to do is approve them.

Online registration done right.

Built in to the class catalog, online registration requires no extra work to allow your members to register for classes online. Chromatical Homeschool automatically checks registrations for errors and calculates required fees.

Export to Excel.

When you need the power of Excel, exportable reports are only a click away.

Features your members will love.

Member Forum

Bring your group together online! The forum is a perfect place for member discussion.

Private Photo Gallery

Allow members to share photo collections of events, field trips, or anything else.

Wiki Pages

Member-editable wiki pages provide countless uses. Need a business directory, signup sheet, or collaborative space? Create a wiki page and you're ready to go.

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