Technology for Homeschool Groups

Chromatical Homeschool is powerful homeschool group website and management software.

What is Chromatical Homeschool?

Fully-Featured Group Website
Chromatical Homeschool gives your homeschool group a place on the web, complete with easy content editing, member directory, forum, photo gallery, and more.

Advanced Web-Based Group Management System
Chromatical Homeschool makes managing your group quick and easy by placing everything you need on one dashboard. And because it's web-based, you can even manage your group from a smartphone.

Record Keeper
Chromatical Homeschool keeps track of all your records, fees, registrations, and member information.

Chromatical Homeschool Features

The tools your homeschool group needs.

Easy Management

Managing your homeschool group has never been so easy. Add, remove, and edit members, build class catalogs, and view class rosters with just a few clicks.

Online Registration

Automate your class catalogs and registrations. Let your members register online and Chromatical Homeschool will automatically check registrations for errors and calculate required fees.

Member Features

With a secure online forum, photo gallery, and business directory, your new group website will be the perfect place for members to talk and share with each other on the web.

Reduce Workload

Let Chromatical Homeschool do the hard and technical stuff so you can focus on what's really important - your members.

Fully featured. Simple to use.

Powerful Leadership Dashboard

The Leadership Dashboard provides a bird's eye view of your homeschool group and places all the tools that you need in one location, making group management a snap.

Leadership Dashboard Screenshot

Customizable Website

Chromatical Homeschool includes a customizable website. You can create, edit, and delete pages as easily as editing documents on your computer.

Page Editor Screenshot

Build Class Catalogs

Creating class catalogs has never been easier. Just fill out a simple form and the class automatically goes live on your website. Members can even submit class applications themselves, so all you need to do is approve them.

Class App Screenshot

Revolutionize Class Registration

The class registration system is built in and connected to the class catalog. No extra work is required on your part to allow your members to register for classes online! Chromatical Homeschool automatically checks registrations for errors and calculates required fees.

Class Registration Screenshot

Group Event Calendar

Keep track of field trip days, meeting times, and all of your group's events. Members can add events too, making it a perfect community calendar.

Calendar Screenshot

Member Forum

Bring your group together online! The forum is a perfect place for member discussion.

Forum Screenshot

Mobile Friendly Design

Chromatical Homeschool is designed to work fluently across a wide range of devices and screens. Want to look up a member's registration from your smartphone? You can do that!

Mobile Friendly Design

Enterprise Level Security

Chromatical Homeschool is powered by Drupal, which means that it comes with super high security built in. Be assured that your member information is protected by the same software that powers secure enterprise and government websites around the world.

Plus even more features...

Member Directory

Excel Export

Business Directory

Photo Gallery

PayPal Support

Using Homeschool-Life?

Most of your existing group information can be migrated to Chromatical Homeschool automatically.

See Chromatical Homeschool in action.

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Editions & Pricing

Not sure which edition you need? No problem, just ask when you sign up.

Cloud Edition



  • Hosted and managed by Chromatical - no servers, domains, or cPanels to worry about
  • subdomain
  • 1GB* storage
  • Free security updates

Self-Hosted Edition

One-Time Payment

  • Hosted on your server
    (requires compatible hosting plan)
  • Custom domain name
  • Hosting plan storage*
  • Security updates: $8/month

* actual usable storage will be slightly less due to software overhead

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